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Adem – Homesongs [2004]

For your delight, we have compiled a list of popular sound bites to do with Adem’s 2004 release, Homesongs. If you think they are all nonsense, then feel free to submit your own or vote against them.

“[Adem] has that rare ability to simply sing a song, with the unadorned directness of someone who is unbothered by any sense of performing his creations.”


“Beautifully conceived and executed variations of folkish principles shape this excellent debut, steering clear of the more complex folktronic conceits employed so famously by his curly-haired, gifted compadre.”


“Abandoning the instrumentals and concepts, stripping away his surname and his bass lines, Ilhan has found his voice and exposed his soul for this debut.”

-The Guardian

“[Homesongs is] an album of husky voices and delicately played instruments that, at its best, is as warm and comforting as a sun-drenched blanket after a cold swim.”


To vote on which you prefer, then just use the poll feature listed above this little help section. Or if you think you can do better, submit your own sound bite using the comments section below, or e-mailing We promise to post all sound bites submitted, along with author name and contact details, if you like of course.


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