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Battles – Mirrored [2007]

It was one of the surprise critical hits of last year, but Battles’ Mirrored hasn’t escaped your careful consideration just yet. Here’s a few picks from critic and reader submitted sound bites; if you think you can better then do share!

“Sprawling space age sounds with mathematic deliberation and hypnotic rhythms.”

“It’s a collection of songs, of twisting and intertwining melodies and beat patterns, that make the listener want to get up and jump around; they’re songs for handclaps and finger snaps.”

-Drowned in Sound

Mirrored is a breathtaking aesthetic left-turn that sounds less like rock circa 2007 than rock circa 2097″


Mirrored is easily the most instrumentally intensive album I’ve heard this year.”


To vote on which you prefer, then just use the poll feature listed above this little help section. Or if you think you can do better, submit your own sound bite using the comments section below, or e-mailing We promise to post all sound bites submitted, along with author name and contact details, if you like of course.


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