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Amiina – Kurr [2007]

Next on the list of sound bites is Amiina, with their 2007 effort, Kurr. We asked our readers how they would describe the album in a sentence and have compiled the results alongside reviews from more established sites.

Our survey said…

Kurr is a combination of gentle melodies, heart felt plucking and soul led compositions.”

“Weak and over-produced, Amiina prove on this record that they are nothing without Sigur Rós.”

“Totally essential stuff and a massive recommendation.”


“Amiina’s début album is a work of subtle beauty, but like that unprecedented end to a day that never happened, explore Kurr too deeply and only frustration will be your reward.”

-Drowned in Sound

To vote on which you prefer, then just use the poll feature listed above this little help section. Or if you think you can do better, submit your own sound bite using the comments section below, or e-mailing We promise to post all sound bites submitted, along with author name and contact details, if you like of course.


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