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Arcade Fire – Funeral [2004]

We asked our readers to submit their own sound bites about Arcade Fire’s debut album, Funeral. Here’s what they had to say, along with our selection of sound bites from established reviewers.

Submit your own Arcade Fire Funeral sound bites

“Enchanting, ghostly and at some points, downright depressing. Arcade Fire do what they do best in Funeral, their best record to date.”

“While falling for the hype back in ’06, after re-evaluation Funeral sounds more lethargic than cathartic.”

“Even in its darkest moments, Funeral exudes an empowering positivity.”


Funeral captures the agony and even ecstasy of surviving death all around you.

Rolling Stone

Funeral, the band’s follow-up to their revelatory DIY debut, documents a passionate and thoughtful indie-rock band whose perspectives and convictions are bolstered by their everyday lives.”


To vote on which you prefer, then just use the poll feature listed above this little help section. Or if you think you can do better, submit your own sound bite using the comments section below, or e-mailing submissions@writeabite.com. We promise to post all sound bites submitted, along with author name and contact details, if you like of course.


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