What is Write a Bite?

Write a Bite – “A slap in the face of reviewing taste.”

Write a Bite aims to poke fun at the prevalent need for quote friendly sound bites that are now littered across websites, posters, leaflets and anywhere else you can slap “5 Stars. Truly breathtaking” on. While most of us can admit to evaluating a band based on their ability to paste positive sound bites onto a Myspace page, we at Write a Bite have decided to allow everyone to write their own bites…Whether or not they will be as overwhelmingly positive as the ones usually featured in adverts is another matter, but at least you too can say you have managed to write “tour-de-force” and “ethereal” in a 10 word sentence about Neon Bible.

While we are aware that reviews and of course, sound bites, are incredibly subjective, we want to put an end to this “cop out” of an argument. What if a majority could agree on an album sound bite? Sure, there would still be naysayers and nothing would ever be definitive, but we would have proof that some people on the internet can actually agree. This is our utilitarian dream, we hope you join us.

If you’re interested in becoming a “biter” (a role much like a writer, but with more bite), then just send a quick e-mail to submissions@writeabite.com. You can write about whatever you see fit and we are always looking to expand our sections; if you don’t see an album or artist listed on the site, leave a comment here and we’ll get it sorted! If you fancy yourself as a whiz with creative writing, or just want to hype something to high heaven, or even knock it down to the jaws of hell, let us know!


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